Why Does My Dog Bark at Nothing?

Why Does My Dog Bark at Nothing?

Is your dog sensing ghosts lurking in your house? Dogs are known to be able to sense natural disasters before they arrive through hearing or human mood changes through smelling hormones. Since dogs are known to be more aware to things because of their heightened senses, the possible causes of seemingly pointless barking are endless. 

Here are a few reasons why your dog might be barking at nothing.

1. They're hungry

They may be barking because they think it's time for dinner.

2. They're playful

They want to get your attention because they want to play. 

3. They're not happy

Dogs might even bark when they're alone at home because they're upset that you're not home.

4. They're warning

They might be driving away intruders or alerting you to someone outside.

5. They're getting old

Dogs with dementia often bark randomly due to canine cognitive dysfunction. 



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