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4 Amazing Dog Training Tips

4 Amazing Dog Training Tips

Raising a pup is a lot like raising a child. Training is vital to teaching your dog to make good choices on their own in the future. This can be difficult when there's so much to learn and you don't speak canine. Here are some tips to help.

1. Provide positive reinforcement

Rewarding behaviors you like from your dog is so important. Praise, petting, treats, can all be used to let your dog know you like what they’re doing. This positive feedback trains them to keep it up. 

2. Be consistent

Dogs can become confused just like humans. They don't always read the room correctly and can jump on someone at the wrong moment. Be patient with them and react to each situation until they become better at picking up on social cues. 

3. Reduce distractions

Do dogs have ADHD? They are so easily distracted, some may think they do. Use your dog's meal to keep them motivated and prepare a quiet space without any external stimulants. Having their undivided attention is important to keeping them present in their training. 

4. Let them fail

Sometimes, the best teacher is failure. Your dog can't constantly look to you for approval or instructions because you're not always with them. Sometimes, they just need to figure it out on their own. Let them as long as it's safe! Use advanced food toys and games so they learn how to figure things out for themselves. 

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