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Super easy & cute dog costumes for Halloween with these Miminko staples!

Super easy & cute dog costumes for Halloween with these Miminko staples!

Every dog is a gift! Why not dress them like one! Pair our Ribbon Top 

With a little Christmas tree headband plus a little gift tag…. And BAM!! You've got yourself an adorable looking gift under the Christmas tree


Your cute cuddle bug is the softest & sweetest! You know what else is soft and sweet? A TEDDY BEAR!! Showcase your dog's soft side in our Teddy Bear Collection and that's all you need! Let your furry friend do the rest.   


A Halloween staple the “Grandpa” is your furry friend the grandpa of the family well dress them up as such!, here's how to do it. Gather up a mustache, glasses, and for added fun a gray wig now to complete this look you'll need a cozy staple.. Can you guess which?..... A CARDIGAN ofc!! Specifically our artsy stripped cardigan. Whoosh you've magically transformed your little man into an old one!! 


Your pup is a ball loving champion, the star player of the game! Bring to life their fantasy & dress them up as the next great B-ball player! All you'll need is our Miminko Jersey  paired with a basketball toy and little sneakers…. This might be our favorite yet!! 


Oolala! Look at the très chic furry friend!....that's what all the trick-or-treaters will be saying when your pooch is dressed up like a little French dog!! Get the Miminko Paris Escape turtleneck

A little red scarf, and lastly a beret. The other pups don't stand a chance against this stellar costume.


Now these costumes are great! We admit, But what's even better is that each Miminko piece can be worn on Halloween & EVERY day after! 

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