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My Dog Will Only Eat Treats

My Dog Will Only Eat Treats

Your furry friend needs a healthy balanced diet. Treats are delicious but should not be a majority of your pet’s meal. Just like humans, pets need to eat nutritious food. Something might be wrong if your pet isn’t eating all of a sudden. 

Most dogs will eat everything they see. Your pup might be experiencing some illness. Visit the vet to have your dog examined. Vomiting and abnormal dog poop are potential signs of sickness.

There might be a slight chance that your dog is just picky. Similar to toddlers, dogs are the same way. You can’t force your pup to eat food that they don’t like. Here’s what you can do. Visit your local vet to clear up the issue. A veterinarian exam can rule out any medical conditions or illnesses. If you believe your pet just doesn’t like their food, try out new foods! There are so many different flavors for dogs to try.

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