Introducing a new pet to the family!

Tips for Introducing your New Pet to Another Pet

Well firstly a proper introduction is important when introducing a new puppy or a rehomed pet to your current pet(s). Some dogs are more social than others and some dogs prefer to be reserved. Your dog may not feel excited for the addition to the family. Before bringing in the new addition to your family, prepare your home. When you need to separate the dogs quickly, a gate, an exercise pen, and a crate are helpful tools. 

It is important to note that puppies are still in the developmental stage with their communication skills. New pet introductions should be carefully supervised for safety reasons. When the time has come for both dogs to meet, it should be in a neutral place- not inside the original dog’s home. An unfamiliar puppy coming through the front door can seem like an invasion to an older dog- even the most friendly dogs. 

When introducing both pets for the first time, take them outside on leashes and walk them around together. Do not reprimand the adult dog for growling at the puppy. Growling can let the puppy be aware that it needs to take a step back from the situation. This is the older dog’s way of communicating that the puppy has crossed the line. 

To ensure the older dog is not overwhelmed, supervise all interactions. Reward both dogs for behaving appropriately. The best activity is taking both dogs on a walk. A great introduction will result in dogs being great friends.

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