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Why Dog Leash Laws Are Important

Why Dog Leash Laws Are Important

First of all, leash laws vary from park to park and city to city. One main reason dog owners don't like to leash their dogs is that they feel like their dog doesn't like it. Successful leash walking can happen as long as your dog's needs are being met.  They include sufficient exercise and sensory exploration. So, loosely leash your dog so he can get his wiggles out while nose walking. 

A leash keeps your dog safe.
All dogs are different and can behave differently in strange environments. Your dog, friendly as you might think he is, could easily react to another dog or person, and scare unsuspecting children. 

A leash protects wildlife. 

When paths and trails to protect and preserve plant life are disrespected, public park wildlife is at risk. A dog without a leash can easily disturb the ecosystem. 

A leash keeps other pets and people safe. 
A leashed dog can't as easily run into traffic or bump into passersby. They also will find it harder to eat weird things that are toxic for them and start barking battles. 

Keeping your dog on leash keeps your dog safe. View our carefully designed harness collection to find the perfect style for your dog. 


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