Why We Love Shelter/Rescue Dogs.

Why We Love Shelter/Rescue Dogs.

The decision to welcome a dog into your home is life-changing! but even more so when you choose to adopt one. Once you find the shelter dog that’s meant for you, the rewards definitely outweigh any challenges you might face. Every dog deserves a loving home. But why do shelter dogs super-duper deserve it?

Here’s why adopting a shelter dog can be the best decision ever:

  • You’re  Saving 2 Lives) - 
  • When you adopt a pet from a shelter, you’re giving that dog what might be their first chance at security, happiness, and a sense of family. But your good deed doesn’t stop there. You’re also making space at the shelter for another dog in need. That opens up a chance for another dog to also find a family of their own.

  •  Reduced Cost) -
  • Even the most expensive shelter adoption fees pale in comparison to the price of purebred puppies from reputable breeders. Save your money and spend it on all the new swag your new friend will need, like trendy clothing (cough cough), a leash, toys, high-quality food, and veterinary care. Besides the pedigree and paperwork that comes with buying a dog from a reputable breeder don’t make much of a difference if you don’t intend to join shows or breed them yourself.

  • Skip That Puppy Stage) - 
  • Puppies are incredibly cute, but they involve tons of work! Although many shelters also keep puppies for adoption, most rescued animals are adults. Adopting an older dog helps you skip all the messy and often frustrating parts of puppyhood. They’re typically calmer and more manageable & you might even have the opportunity to care for a senior dog, which is an incredibly meaningful and life-changing experience.

  • You Won’t Be Supporting Puppy Mills) - 
  • Unless you’re a well versed dog buyer who knows the ins & outs of identifying reputable breeders, you risk supporting a puppy mill when purchasing a pure bred dog. Puppy mills are rife with animal suffering & as dog lovers, we must do everything we can to put them out of business. Adopting from a shelter means you can be sure your money is going to support the shelter, not lining the pockets of unscrupulous puppy mill breeders.


  • Get That Spay Out  The Way) -
  • Part of a shelter’s mandate to rescue animals is to control overpopulation. Because of this, they spay and neuter all the dogs that go through their care. That means you don’t need to spend the hundreds of dollars that’s usually involved in pre-screening and desexing surgery. Plus, neutered dogs are less prone to urine marking, aggression, and cancer.

     We all try to give our pets the best lives we can!

    But, unfortunately, not all dogs are so lucky. There are still plenty of animals that are purposely hurt or deprived of even the most basic needs. Adopting from a reputable shelter will do a lot to help fight animal cruelty. 

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