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What is the charm of a small dog?

What is the charm of a small dog?

Small dogs are lovable, cute, cozy, and so much more (we all know that). But small dogs come with a lot of charm beyond the cuteness, snuggles, cuddles, and puppy hugs. Their puppy friendship can bring a host of benefits into your life. Keep reading below to see how small dogs can add charm to your life in more ways than one. 


1. Small Dogs Require Less Space

The smaller the dog, the easier it is to fit them in places like your house, apartment, or car. They can fit in wherever they go more easily while remaining comfortable in smaller dwellings. This aspect also makes traveling much easier, as they're more readily accepted in vehicles, buses, trains, and airplanes. So, wherever you go, it's simple to bring your furry best friend along as well!


2. Small Dogs are Easy to Walk

We've all witnessed dog owners with large dogs struggling to go for a walk. Either the big dog is pulling too hard, not walking fast enough, or simply not walking at all, turning the situation into the dog walking their owner instead of the other way around. On the other hand, small dogs don't have enough weight to pull you, stop you, or get in your way. They're easy to manage on a leash and don't require the additional effort many large dogs do. 


3. Small Dogs are Less Expensive

Small dogs are typically easier on the wallet than their large dog counterparts. They eat less, their small dog clothing and accessories are usually less costly, and depending on the breed, they can have smaller veterinarian bills. Altogether, many pet owners choose a small dog to save a bit more money. 


4. Small Dogs are Easier to Cuddle

Don't get me wrong; big dogs can make excellent cuddle buddies. However, there is nothing quite like when a small dog curls up in your lap or crawls perfectly into your arms for a warm embrace. Their small stature makes them the ultimate comfort at the end of the day when you want to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie or nestle into bed with a bit of puppy friend perfectly perched at the foot. 


Small dogs come with loads of charm and benefits for your everyday life. Their ability to fit nicely into smaller homes and areas, that they can be easily transported and walked, typically cost less and are top-notch cuddlers make them one of the best options as a new pet pal. 

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