Does Your Dog Need Clothes in the Winter?

Does Your Dog Need Clothes in the Winter?

Burrr. When it gets cold outside, our first instinct is to wrap ourselves up in the warmest and comfiest attire until we're back inside and safe and sound. So, why wouldn't we do that for our small, four-legged friends? Sure, they have fur, but sometimes in the lowest of temperatures, it's not enough to keep them warm. Let's find out why some small dogs can benefit from wearing extra layers in the winter. 


Shorthaired Breeds

 Breeds that are naturally shorthaired may need some extra layers to keep comfortable. Without as much fur as other dogs, it might be challenging to stay warm and cozy. Small dog clothing, such as a dog sweater or sweatshirt, can be the perfect option to stay snug during the winter. 


Senior Dogs

 Just like us humans, old age can slow our dogs down and make it harder to stay warm. With an extra layer of small dog clothes, they can keep their internal body temperature up and be protected from harsh weather. This way, going outside can still be enjoyable and easy, just like when they were young.


Retaining Body Heat

 The biggest reason to supply your furry friend with extra small breed dog clothes is to help them retain body heat. If your dog is very small, has short hair, is starting to get older, or simply likes some added comfort in the winter, clothing can be a great asset. With a cozy layer on top, walks around the block, potty breaks, and playing outside can remain fun and safe in the wintertime. 


Beat the winter blues this season and bundle your small pup in winter clothes that help them retain body heat. An extra layer of warmth (and cuteness) is hard to beat!

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