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Tips for Keeping Your Dog Home Clean

Tips for Keeping Your Dog Home Clean

Being a dog parent means keeping clean house is a hard task. With all the shedding and dirt brought in the house, how do you keep your house clean? Here are some cleaning tips that can help you!


1. Emergency Cleaning Kit

Keep a bucket filled with all of your cleaning supplies ready-to-go at a moment's notice. Cleaning spills and messes right away is the easiest way to keep a clean home clean. 


2. Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

You can leave the robot on while you’re out or when you’re sleeping. It goes through dog hair and dirt on spots you can’t reach, saving you time spent on cleaning.


3. Lint Rollers

Vacuums are great, but for dog hair that sticks to your clothes and then goes into your furniture, you’ll need a lint roller.


4. Use Coverings 

Cover hard-to-clean furniture with sheets. Dogs leave stains and odors on furniture, and cleaning them can take extra effort. 


5. Clean Your Dog

The most fundamental step to a clean house is a clean dog. Bathe your dog, wipe their feet after going outside, brush them, take them to the groomer, and keep their beds clean.

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