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Tips for Families with Young Children & Dogs

Tips for Families with Young Children & Dogs

With smaller children, parents have to be mindful of the child and the dog. When kids get older and start walking around, dogs can sometimes age and slow down, making them less tolerant of certain behaviors. Children must learn how to read the pet’s body language and understand the need to respect the dog. Dogs need to learn how to react appropriately to triggers such as screaming, running, and maybe even grabbing. 

1. Don't scold your dog when he or she is being curious.

2. Teach the dog how to lay down nearby but with enough distance. 

3. Allow your pup to sniff, but never force an interaction. 

4. Always keep any baby and dog interactions supervised. 

Growing families can be stressful enough, but having to deal with extra precautions can be forgotten until it's too late. Remember that time will be necessary when introducing dogs and children to each other. Slow and steady is the best approach when having two bumbling bodies around. If your baby or dog requires special attention, it is always recommended to consult with a professional first. 

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