The Fleece Cozy Vest: Cozy, Cute, and Practical

The Fleece Cozy Vest: Cozy, Cute, and Practical

The Paw-fect Coat for Every Chillin' Adventure!

Calling all cuddle monsters and snuggle superstars! Get ready to shred the shivers and strut in style with MIMINKO's Fleece Cozy Vest, the chicest way to chase away the chill that's got your floof feeling frosty. ❄️

Fleece Cozy Vest Shown In Ivory

Say "bye-bye, blustery breeze" and "hello, happy pup!" because this faux fur masterpiece is like a comfy cloud for your best bud. Think marshmallow-softness meets runway-ready – it's the ultimate cozy-chic combo for spring frolicking or fall leaf-chasing. But don't be fooled by the fluff, this vest is tougher than a squirrel stash. Ribbed armholes and neckline keep it secure, blocking out any sneaky drafts, while the snap opening makes for lightning-fast fashion changes. 


And just like your pup's endless parade of adorable quirks, the Fleece Cozy Vest comes in a trio of tail-waggingly good colors:

Mint: Fresh as a spring meadow, this shade will make your pup look like the block's coolest canine.

Grey: Sleek and sophisticated, this vest is the perfect "pawparazzi" accessory for pups who love stealing the spotlight. 

Ivory: Creamy and dreamy, this hue is like a fluffy latte for your furry friend, pure cozy vibes from nose to wagging tail. 


Color Beige Shown Above


So, whether your pup's a sunshine seeker or a cuddle champion, the MIMINKO Fleece Cozy Vest is their ticket to style, warmth, and endless snuggle-worthy adventures. Get ready for more zoomies, more boops, and a whole lot more happy barks! Order yours today and let the good times (and good vibes) roll!


P.S. Don't forget to tag us in your pup's Fleece Cozy Vest pics on Instagram! We can't wait to see your furry fashionistas rocking their new favorite piece. 


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