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Dresses For Your Pooch: Introducing The Bowtiful Dress

Dresses For Your Pooch: Introducing The Bowtiful Dress

Attention, all paw-parazzi! Get ready to unleash the cuteness and hear nothing but awwws with the Bowtiful Dress in Beige and Pink - the purr-fect party frock for your four-legged fashionista!


This dress isn't just "oh, that's cute" territory, honey - it's a full-blown "OMG, my heart just exploded!" kinda masterpiece.  Imagine a cozy knit sweater dress, all snuggly and warm for those brisk winter nights, but then BAM! Surprise tulle skirt twirls in like a pink confetti blizzard, topped with a matching tulle bow applique that's bigger than your pup's dreams!



Picture this:

strutting into the paw-ty with your pup in this getup. Heads turn, jaws drop, tails wag with envy. Your BFF's pup is like, "Move over, I'm the red carpet queen," but then your little Bowtiful bombshell struts by and steals the entire show. Yassss, queen!

But here's the thing, it's not just about looking good (although, let's be real, your pup will be the Instagram cover pup of the week). This dress is about feeling good too! The knit is soft and stretchy, so your fur baby can romp and frolic without feeling like she's trapped in a costume. And don't worry, the tulle is top-notch quality, so it can handle even the most enthusiastic tail wags and zoomies.



If you're ready to give your pup the glam moment she deserves while keeping her cozy all winter long, then the Bowtiful Dress is your BFF. Trust us, when she walks in wearing this, all eyes will be on her (and maybe you'll snag an invite to some exclusive doggy fashion shows, wink wink). 

P.S. Don't forget to tag us in your pics on Instagram using #MiminkoPack - we can't wait to see your pups rockin this look!

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