Spring Activities To Do With Your Pet!

Spring Activities To Do With Your Pet!

Soak in the sunshine and sniff the flowers! Spring is here! & it  isn’t just an opportunity to transition from winter fashion, it's also a great time to go catch some much-needed sunshine. From spring cleaning to discovering new and old places to hike, here are a few fun activities you can do with your dog that’ll put a spring in your step!





  • Give your dog’s wardrobe an update and do some spring cleaning! The transition from puffer jackets to puffer vests. Bring out the Miminko Double Royal Lace Tank Top, which is perfect for warming temperatures and springtime energy. Launder any winter-specific items and prepare them for storage.


  • Take your dog swimming! It might not be warm enough for you, but guaranteed after a few rounds of fetching your pup will be happy to run straight into the water. Swimming is a great activity to get geared up for the summer ahead. Don’t forget to bring a toy or two along with you!

  • + Our pups favorites are the Miminko Signature Pink Bouncy Balls &  George The Duck Squeaky Toy


  • Plan a playdate. Get a few of your friends together and schedule a playdate at an off-leash park. Make it a picnic and enjoy the sunshine! 

  • Have a photoshoot. Changing seasons are the best time for cute photoshoots!. Flowers, trees, and plants are starting to grow back and bloom under the lasting sun. Grab your favorite Miminko outfit, your phone or camera, and hit the streets! Tag us @Miminko_us so we can see your dog's style.! 

  • Hike somewhere new. Your dog is always glad to go anywhere with you new or old. Try a change of scenery to welcome in the new season. It’ll be refreshing for you and just as exciting for them. 

  • Exercise together. Running, walking or yoga are just a few of the ways you can take your dog with you while you get a workout in. Fresh air, shining sun, fitness, and your furry best friend… what could be better?


    • Visit a groomer to get your pets coat geared up for the season change. Many dogs adapt different coats depending on their climate. You can help them along by making sure they’re properly groomed!

    • Make sure you’re up to date with your dog's preventative medications as well so you can enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about fleas or ticks.

    • Drag out the ole trusty harness and leash and check to see if it needs to be updated or give it a good wash. (If you need an update we have some cute ones waiting for you!) 



    We hope these tips & ideas get you motivated to go out or stay in doing something together with your favorite furry friend this spring season! And really all year long!





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