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Frozen Treats For Your Pup This Summer

Frozen Treats For Your Pup This Summer

When temperatures soar, your pooch can get overheated!

 especially short-nosed breeds that are susceptible to heatstroke during sweltering summer days.

To help your hot-dog beat the heat, it’s essential to provide him with plenty of fresh water. And if you want to spoil your pup, give him one of these refreshing dog-friendly treats to keep him cool all summer long!


Frozen fruits are yummy, pup-approved snacks that are simple to make. Simply wash the fruit, pop it in your freezer, add some xylitol-free peanut butter, and you’re good to go! & if you want to make it more interesting, place the fruit in a Kong or puzzle toy, so treat time can provide mental stimulation also. 

Fruits that are the perfect summertime snacks for dogs include:

Before feeding your dog any type of fruit, make sure it’s safe for

them to eat. Never give your pup any whole fruit with a pit, like peaches,

avocados, or nectarines, as these can be serious choking hazards.

(However, sliced up or in chunks are a safe treat for dogs.)



While human ice cream can give your pup stomach trouble, there are options for your dog to enjoy this delicious dessert.  you can whip up your own dog-friendly ice cream concoction.  Or buy doggie “ice cream” from brands such as Pooch Creamery or Lazy Dog Cookie Company.


If you want to go the homemade route then use this base recipe to make your own tantalizing ice cream treats! 

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Popsicles are a summertime staple. You can now share the love with your fur baby by making them a frozen treat of their own.

Use this recipe to make delicious pup pops at home!


While traditional popsicles are served on sticks,

never put a pupsicle on a stick for your dog. They may choke on it while gobbling up the delicious treat.


Pupsicle Recipes We Love! - a 3-ingredient recipe - 5 recipes our pups love - doggie favorite   




To keep your dog cool all day, create a backyard hydration station by making him a fun frozen cake! Use this recipe from The Starving Chef to get started.



  • Dog food or Treats
  • Kong-type toy
  • Dog bones


  • 1 gal fresh water or however much is needed
  • to fill the container of your choice.

  • 1 cup of your dog's favorite bite-sized treats.
  • 4 hard plastic or solid rubber dog toys that can fit in the container
  • round bucket or plastic container.

  • A pie pan or short-sided container that can hold melting ice
  • should be larger than the container holding ice.



  • Arrange the treats & toys in the bucket or Tupperware. Try to pick treats/toys that will sink and some that will float for a range of items to find throughout. Fill the container with water so that the toys and treats are covered in water. Use the lid to keep anything that floats pressed down into the water. Freeze until solid, about 6+ hours.
  • When ready to serve, let the container thaw for about five minutes to help loosen the ice from the sides. Remove the lid. Place the pie pan or similar container on top of the ice. Flip the bucket over so that the "ice cake" fits in the pie pan. Place outside in a shaded area and be sure to show your pup where the treats are poking through so they know what to do! 

  • ❤️🐶 

    As with any treat, please be mindful of your pup’s specific dietary needs & restrictions. Have any questions about what your pup can and cannot enjoy, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local vet. As a reminder, treats are meant to be enjoyed in moderation, so make it a special event!

    Happy Summer! Xo Miminko!


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