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5 Dog Breeds That Live The Longest.

5 Dog Breeds That Live The Longest.

Ready to commit to a dog? well, choosing one of these breeds will keep you in terrific company for years to come!

There isn't an absolute scientific formula for determining the average lifespan of a dog, but most pups are cuddly companions for about a decade. According to the Guinness World Book of Records, the longest-living dog recorded is Bobi, a Portuguese live-stock breed, who has lived for 30 years!

1 - Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)

Standing nose-to-nose on the tiny chart with the Chihuahua is this spunky breed, the Yorkshire terrier. AKA Yorkie is a popular choice among people who like smart and trainable pint-sized pooches with huge personalities. These tiny cuties average 11–15 years of sassy playfulness and oodles of affection.



2 - Dachshund 

Be they a wiener dog, doxie, sausage dog, weenie, or dashie, they'll be yours for 12–16 years! That's quite a while to love this tenacious, outgoing, and playful pup. The dachshund breed is so revered, a weenie was the mascot for the 1972 Olympic Summer Games in Munich. Also how many dog breeds have a museum dedicated just to them?!

3 - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Who's a handsome boy?.... Without a doubt, the noble and friendly Cavalier King Charles spaniel has earned their celebrity status as an adorable companion for kids, seniors & other family pets. These long-living dogs can reach the age of 18 and love to run and play but are also just as content to cozy up on the couch for a binge session of yall’s favorite show.

4 - Toy Poodle

There's really no such thing as a "hypoallergenic" dog, there are only pups with less reactive protein and shedding issues. But if you want a friendly & affectionate canine companion you can snuggle with a few sneezes (hopefully), the bright toy poodle has a lifespan of 10–18 years. With such a fun cutie, the time will just fly by!

5 - Beagle

If your child begs for a playmate, can't go wrong with the adorable & gentle beagle, as this dog's lifespan is about 10–15 years. Endlessly popular, these doggies have enough energy to keep up with even the most rambunctious kids! They're also great small-game trackers for hunters in the field.



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