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Dogs Get This Too...?

Dogs Get This Too...?
Yes, dogs can get acne and pimples just like humans, but it’s a bit different. Canine acne can affect the lips, mouth area, and chin. It’s caused by folliculitis which occurs when hair follicles become infected, pus-filled, and inflamed. 

Dog pimples and acne symptoms can resemble other skin problems, so it’s important to get a proper diagnosis from your vet. Mild casescan be treated with benzoyl peroxide, while more severe cases may require steroids or antibiotics. Severe cases can swelling or large bumps to grow. 

Dogs can also suffer from hair loss or alopecia, either due to hair falling out or hair failing to grow. It’s actually very common and there are numerous underlying causes from parasites to skin infections to hormonal disorders to pattern baldness, and more. If your dog is experiencing patches, you should see your vet to determine what’s causing it for the right course of treatment.

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