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Dog's Broken Nails Can Be Dangerous

Dog's Broken Nails Can Be Dangerous
A broken nail for our dogs should be taken more seriously than when we break a nail. If not addressed properly, there might be more complications asides from the extreme pain. 

There is a collection of nerves and blood vessels referred to as the quick in a dog nail. While the keratin part of the nail is not living tissue, the quick is and will bleed when nails are cut too short. The quick a sensitive structure that can cause immense pain when exposed. The quick is also attached to bone so that means any infection of the quick can quickly lead to a potential bone infection.

Depending on the severity, you may notice your dog reacting in different ways such as limping and not putting weight on the paw, or your dog may constantly be licking the area, which can make the injury even worse. 

Now that you understand how a broken nail is much more serious for your dog we'll discuss what to do when this happens in our next article.

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