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Dog Harness vs. Dog Collar?

Dog Harness vs. Dog Collar?

Harnesses have been gaining more popularity over the years and many are making the transition from harness to collar.


A harness offers your pup more support and you more control of your pup on outdoor adventures. Some of the few benefits to harnesses include: 

1. Decreased pressure on the neck

Since harnesses strap around your dog’s chest, they don't apply pressure on your dog’s neck on walks. The slightest pulling can cause neck pain for dogs, especially those with underlying arthritis and disc conditions.

2. Adequate control of your dog

It's harder for your dog to slip out of a harness measured perfectly for them.  This means that if your dog tries to pull and escape your grasp, you have full control without any chance of them running off. 

3. Reduces pulling on walks

A harness makes it more challenging for dogs to pull their owners. The pressure applied across the dog's whole chest and body makes it easier for you to stand firm and hold your ground. 


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