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Brrr… winter has arrived! With that the dreaded realization that the weather on your joyous morning walks is now bitter and biting.

If you struggle to get your pup out the door on such mornings because they fear the chill, well  read on. We’ve got the solution for you and it also happens to be stylish & cute!, what more could a pet parent ask for?

Bundle up! While some dogs are built for colder temperatures like the beloved bernese and huskies, some dogs just can’t cut it in the cold. We don’t blame them either!… Imagine going outside in the snow to relieve yourself in bare feet!.....UMMM NOPE!

1st things 1st get their fit covered!

Wagwellies are the go to shoes to combat the ice and snow. Made of 100% gum rubber with super easy on and off velcro, these booties will protect your pups sensitive paws.

Note that even if you have a dog that thrives in the cold, things like sidewalk salts can be very unsafe for the sensitive skin on your dogs paws. If you’re taking them on a walk in the city or anywhere there is likely to be salts.

Puffer jackets-

They are all the rage nowadays and for good reason. Their quilted designs help keep their warm filling exactly in place where it should be. We’ve taken the puffer jacket and made it dog-tastic! This is one of the warmest options for a dog that doesn’t let a bit of snow stop them. It’s wind-proof, water-resistant, and super warm with down poly filling. Plus, there's vest styles too!

Here's a couple of our faves:

Does your pooch prefer the warmth of the fireplace? The Teddy Bear Hoodie and the Fur Vests are great options to stay nice and toasty. Made from snuggly EXTRA soft materials to wear indoors or out.

FUN FACT: Did you know that Fleece naturally repels water, is durable, naturally soft, and easy to clean? These are just a few reasons why we went a little crazy with our Teddy Bear Coat. Available as both a coat with a hood or without, this fleece garment is guaranteed to keep your pet cozy on those daily walks.

No matter what winter throws your way this year these winter essentials will help your pet feel more comfortable outside. If all else fails you could bring along some positive reinforcement in the form of treats, (we’ve all been there). These essentials will last you season after season and we can’t wait to see how cute your pet looks in them! Don’t forget to snap a pic and tag us @Miminko_us

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