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Valentines With Your Pup!

Valentines With Your Pup!

It’s that time of the year again and your furry little friend can already sniff the love in the air! Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Let us not forget to show our love and appreciation to our furry friends.

Everyday when we come home from work, that cute four-legged friend is sooo excited to see us! Sure, I get it, pets can’t eat the same heart shaped chocolate boxes, or adore jewelry and flowers; but have no fear! We’ve put together a nice list of ideas to pamper, treat, and most importantly, to show your pet just how much they mean to you!

1. Heart Shaped Treats!

Us humans aren’t the only ones that love heart shaped candies on Valentine’s Day! Lucky for you, there’s plenty of heart treats that can be found in your local pet stores. If you’re really trying to show your dog love though, put on that apron and fire up the oven for one of our ​favorite recipes​!


  1. Take Your Dog To The Dog Park!

We know it’s hard to let go of your baby, but they want to make friends too! Bring them to your local dog park to run around and be the friendly furballs they always are! There’s tons of health benefits to dog parks too: they’re a great source of exercise and fantastic socialization –– all which lead to better behaved pets!


P.S Here's a few of our favorite park looks:


  1. A Spa Day!

Okay okay pets may not appreciate a heart shaped box, but they sure will love a pampering day at the spa! Not only will your bundle of love feel happy, but there’s also a whole bunch of health benefits to a spa day: 

  • grooming maintains a healthy coat and skin
  • regular nail trims reinforce foot structure and posture
  • risks of infection are reduced
  • and your dog will simply look and smell great! 


Some spas even include massage therapy into their grooming packages –– a great method of enhancing blood circulation and stimulating muscle growth!


Let your Pooch enjoy the spa in style!

Looks for the relaxed pooch:


  1. Donate To Your Local Shelter!


Your dog already has the best gift aka YOU! Other pups are still waiting for the day they can find a family that can celebrate Valentine’s Day with them, so they deserve some love too! Local shelters provide incredible resources to your community and can always benefit from friendly donations! 


Here's a few of our fave Animal Support Programs you can donate to also, online or in person!

Now go and make this your pet's best Valentine's Day yet! 
Xx Miminko 

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