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Toys Perfect For Your Little Pet!

Toys Perfect For Your Little Pet!

If you have a pocket-sized Pug, petite Pomeranian or similar-sized small dog, then you can’t just grab any old dog toy. Your mini pooch might not play with it or worse, it could actually be harmful to your dog’s health. Lucky we've compiled a list of the TOP 3 toys for your tinny pet bff!

  • Hide-A-Squirrel Junior- By Outward Hound

  • The Hide-A-Squirrel is known as a puzzle

   plush toy. You load each squirrel into the holes

 in the log, and your dog is entertained a

 he burrows his snout into the pockets, trying to grab

each squirrel. While the Hide-A-Squirrel is available

 in a wide range of  sizes, only the 

Junior/Small size is suitable for little dogs.

The smaller hole sizes mean that they cannot

burrow their heads into each hole as easily, 

which prolongs play time, the larger sizes

don’t provide the same challenge. Alternatively 

you can give your pup a single squirrel to play with

Each squirrel squeaks when squeezed, great for getting your dog’s attention.


  • Skinny Peltz- By ZippyPaws

    • When it comes to value for the money,

    few toys match the ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz.

    What's amazing about these woodland critters? 

    Well they contain no stuffing. Yep!, other than

     2 squeakers these toys are all-fabric. It doesn’t

    matter if your plush-toy-shredding Dachshund

    manages to tear one open, They won’t 

    make a mess or eat the 

    stuffing inside.

    At just ½-inch thick for tiny dogs without the bulky

    stuffing this is a huge advantage! Even toy

    Chihuahuas can easily carry one around.

    If you want a tinny tiny little toy for

    your miniature pup then this

    is an awesome option!.

  • Jive Ball- By WestPaw

    • There is a lot to love about this ball! Incredible

    durable, dishwasher-safe, floats in water, fits in a 

    ball thrower & can be thrown a great distance.

    Coming in at 2-inches wide, it’s the perfect size for 

    tiny jaws to grip and carry. You see,

    it isn’t perfectly round, it has grooves that 

    allow tiny jaws to get a better grip…To maximize this

    balls throwing distance, you need to buy

    a small-sized ball thrower that takes 2-inch balls.

    The Jive falls out of a standard ball thrower that 

    takes 2½-inch tennis balls.

    West Paws offer either a refund, replacement

    or choice of a different toy from their product

    range if the ball breaks making this ball

    an even safer bet!

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