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Top Dog Names Of 2022!

Top Dog Names Of 2022!
For a lot of pet parents, naming their new puppy is a big deal. After all, you don't want to change your dog's name too many times or too late in their life. This could confuse your dog and make it a little trickier for them to understand what you want them to do.
When it comes to popular dog names, you have the classics like Rover, Rex, and Scout. But maybe you're looking for something more unique like Willow or Tank. If you’re looking for a great dog name for your new pet, you’ve come to the right place.

Below, we’ll break down the top dog names of 2022. But first…..

What Makes a Good Dog Name?

Ultimately, the below dog names are just our favorite suggestions. The ideal name for your furry friend depends on your preferences, their personality, and even your culture.

Ideally, your dog’s name should be:

Something you personally love the sound of. You’ll be saying their name over and over again, so don’t give your dog a name that you don’t like.

Something that sounds distinct from common command words like “come” or “sit.” Why? You don’t want your dog to confuse a command word with their name. That could make training a little more complicated than you’ll prefer.

Small enough to fit on a good tag. A customizable dog tag can help someone know who to call if your dog ever runs away.

For example, the name "Sid," while adorable, could prove tricky. They could become confused every time you want them to sit down.

Other than that, pick something that fits your dog’s personality. It’s more important than a name with a meaning that doesn’t quite fit. When you get a new puppy, you won’t have a full grasp of their personality until you spend a couple of months with them. A name could fit your puppy initially. But their personality could develop to become something totally that mismatches their name later.

Top Names for Female Dogs
Have a female pup who needs a great and charming name? Here are some of the most popular female dog names in 2022. Some may even be popular into 2023 and beyond.
  • Luna- This popular girl dog name means “moon.” As such, it’s ideal if your dog is a breed that likes to howl at the moon. Or you could choose it if your pup has silvery or off-white fur that reminds you of our world’s natural satellite.
  • Bella- Bella comes from all kinds of languages, ranging from Greek to Italian to Spanish to Portuguese. But it means the same thing everywhere: “beautiful.” Choose this if your pup is truly one-of-a-kind. It might also be a good choice if you plan for your dog to enter some puppy shows sometime in the future.
  • Lucy- The feminine form of Lucius, Lucy means “light.” It’s perfect for pups who bring radiant energy to their families. Lucy is also a good name for a mature female dog. So consider this if you want a name that will fit your pup both at the beginning and prime of her life.
  • Daisy- The perfect name for a cute canine companion, Daisy is naturally associated with the flower that shares the name. It comes from an old English word: “daegeseage,” which means “eye of the day” or “day’s eye.” Either way, it could be the perfect match for a female dog who loves to spend time frolicking in the flowers.
  • *Love floral-inspired names? Maybe you'd also like Rosie or Lily.
  • Stella- A Latin and Italian name meaning “star,” Stella is ideal for reserved, dignified dogs. It could be a good choice if you are adopting an adult dog who needs a forever home. But it’s also a great pick for new puppies with the right personality or look.
  • Bailey- Bailey is a common name for new human girls, so it might be a good fit for your puppy as well. Interestingly, Bailey was originally a male given name. That’s because it came from the old English word “bailiff.” Bailiff, as you probably know, is still used today in courtroom contexts.
  • Molly- Molly is a classic female dog name. It's derived from Mary, which itself is a Hebrew feminine name. It can mean a lot of things, ranging from “rebellion” to “sea of bitterness” to “star of the sea.” Maybe you'll just like it because it's a cute name and fits your puppy's wiggly personality.
  • Winnie- While most people consider Winnie to be associated with the titular stuffed bear, it could also be a great name for your dog. After all, she's soft and cuddly, too. Winnie can work for both male and female dogs and means things like “soft,” “happiness,” and more.
  • Olive- Coming from the Latin word “oliva” or olive tree, Olive is a fantastic name for a girl dog. Not only is it sweet, but it’s also recognizable for the cartoon character of Olive Oil. It’s doubly perfect if you and your dog live in the Mediterranean or you like to visit Italy.
  • * Love food-inspired names? How about Coco or Oreo?
    • Chloe- Chloe is a name of Greek origin meaning “fertility” or “blooming.” Technically, it's another name for the Greek goddess Demeter, who was responsible for fertility and harvest. Chloe also sounds incredibly sweet, making it a great match for a dog with a nice personality.


    Top Names for Male Dogs

    What if you have a boy dog instead of a female? In that case, 2021 has still provided us with plenty of great names to choose from.

    Here are some of the best we’ve seen.


  • Charlie- Charlie is as classic a dog name as you can get. It's a little softer and cuter than Charles and means "free man." Your dog may not be a man, but it could be free. Pick this if your pup has a free spirit and loves spending time outdoors.
  • Teddy- Teddy is the short name for Theodore. You could name your dog Teddy after the American president or choose Teddy because of its progenitor name's sophistication. Teddy, of course, is a little cuter than Theodore. So it might be perfect for a boy puppy whose name can grow as he does.
  • Max- Max is another very common dog name for males. Maybe you want to go with a classic choice that’s never failed before. Max is technically short for “Maximilian,” an ancient Latin name. It means “greatest.” This is a great way to show the world what you think of your furry friend!
  • Cooper- Cooper rose dramatically in popularity in 2021 but stayed just as popular + some in 2022. It’s an old English name that means “barrel maker.” Perhaps because of its sound, it fits both country dogs and metropolitan pups in equal measure.
  • Bear- The trend of naming masculine dogs after other animals continues on. Bear is a perfect match for a big, bulky dog or one with dark brown fur. If you have an ironic sense of humor, take this name for your tiny male dog with a big personality.
  • Milo- Pick this name if you want something short, sweet, and to the point for your male dog. As a classic masculine name, it’s ideal for a loyal companion of middling size. 
  • Buddy- Who could go wrong with naming their dog Buddy? It’s a classic pooch name pick and shows just how much you love your canine companion. If you are a fan of the classics, this one's for you.
  • Tucker- The exact origin of Tucker as a first name isn’t known. But it is a common surname in Europe and can be found as a given name here in America. It might be a great choice for a dog that likes to ride in your truck. Or you could use it for a pup that seems to have a steady, old-fashioned personality.
  • Duke- Duke is yet another excellent name for a masculine dog with plenty of muscle and presence. After all, it means “leader” and is even the name of an official title for landowners in England. Duke could also be a good pick if your dog has a deep, commanding bark.
  • Oliver- The male counterpart to the female Olive mentioned above, Oliver is a classic name. It means “ancestor’s descendants” and comes from the Old Norse language. If you love classic lit fic, you can name your dog this to make a clever reference to Oliver Twist.

    The Best Name Is One You Love!!

    As you can see, there are as many names as there are unique canine companions to adopt. Choosing the right name for your dog can seem overwhelming. But remember that your dog will love whatever you choose. So pick whatever seems the best to you and stick with it.



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