TOP 5 Reasons Your Pet Should Be Wearing Clothes!

TOP 5 Reasons Your Pet Should Be Wearing Clothes!

Many haters think clothing your dog is like dressing up your Barbie. But dog clothes are actually a much more serious matter than playing dress-up.

There’s nothing wrong with having a fashionable dog. But clothing your pup could guarantee their comfort and your peace of mind.

Here are a few important reasons to consider dog clothes:


#1:Dog Clothes Provide Extra Layers for Short Coated Dogs

Yes, your dog has a built-in jacket. But think about it this way: Why is your jacket thicker during winter than in the fall? It’s because you need extra protection from winter's colder temperatures.


It’s the same way for your dog. While their own coat might be enough for most of the year, they might need an extra layer when temperatures drop.


Short-coated dogs like French Bulldogs, Pitbulls and Pugs are known to be sensitive to the cold. It's a good thing that as elegant as they are in the summer, they tend to look even more chic in winter clothes.


#2: Small Dogs Need Help Keeping Warm

Small dogs can’t keep warm just by curling up and they typically have less meat in them to help contain their body heat.This is especially true for toy dog breeds, like Chihuahuas and Yorkies. That is also why they've become some of the most fashionable breeds.


People love to dress them up in small dog clothes because they look good in almost anything! Plus, they actually need it!


#3: Cold temperatures are harsh, especially on seniors

Dogs of any age are vulnerable to hypothermia. But, older dogs also tend to suffer from arthritis. This is especially true for larger dogs like Labradors and Golden Retrievers. For them, the cold could cause discomfort or even pain.


Keeping them bundled up will minimize their joint stiffness. Dog shoes might also help them walk on slippery sidewalks.


#4: Dog Apparel Protects Your Stuff From Excess Shedding

If you’re a dog parent, you’re likely BFFs with your vacuum cleaner. One of the best perks of clothing your dog is keeping their fur away from your stuff. Your dog’s clothes keep shed hair inside the garment and away from your couch, carpet, clothes, and car interiors.


This is especially true with high-quality clothes that are lined with fleece.


#5: Our Dogs Make Our Fashion Dreams Come True

Let’s face it. We’ll never look as good as our pets, especially when they have the latest in dog fashion trends.


But our dogs are our children and we want them to look dope, even if it means they get all the attention.

And although we’re not likely to admit it in public, shopping for dog clothes is probably the best part of our week.


Any doting pet parent would prioritize the comfort and safety of their dogs. That’s why dog clothes are becoming more popular. The fashion aspect and extra bonding is definitely a welcome bonus.


Walking around the neighborhood with a stylish dog turns heads, and it feels awesome! So get your pooch some Cute Styles by Miminko.

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