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Summer Activities To Do With Your Pup!

Summer Activities To Do With Your Pup!

Have some fun in the sun and enjoy the summertime with these pup-friendly activities!

Summer is here and you know what that means! Perfect weather, summer vacation & longer days. It's the ideal time to plan some fun activities to do with your pet bestie and the whole family. If you are looking for some ideas, we’ve got you covered -- with 10 ideas.

Keep in mind…

Before we get into our list of activities, we just wanted to share some things you should keep in mind whenever you’re making plans that involve your dog:  


  • Make sure the activity you plan matches your dog’s activity level. If your dog is only used to short walks, a five-mile hike may not be the best thing to include them on. You can certainly build up your dog’s stamina over time, but make sure you’re not pushing them.

  • Be mindful of the heat and be sure to pack plenty of water for you and your dog. A collapsible bowl makes this really easy!

  • Familiarize yourself with what poison ivy or other dangerous plants look like so you can keep your dog away from them.

  • Make sure your dog is up to date on their flea and tick prevention and all vaccines before taking them to a new place.

  • Get To Camping! 


    Take your pup for a weekend in the woods, whether you spend it in a trailer or a tent, or even a dog-friendly cabin at a campsite. You and your dog will have a blast enjoying the great outdoors, cuddling by a campfire, or maybe even fishing on the lake (dog life jacket recommended). Remember that any time you spend out in wooded areas will increase the potential for ticks getting on your dog, so discuss flea and tick prevention options with your vet. 

    Enjoy The Drive-In Movies


    Movies are not necessarily off-limits to dogs, you just need to know where to go. If your area doesn’t offer outdoor film screenings during the summer months, head to the drive-in! Pack some snacks and snuggle up enjoying the show. Check out to find a theater near you; the site includes an up-to-date and searchable database of over 300 theaters.

    Visit A Vineyard


    Would your dog prefer a Cab or Pinot? Of course, he just wants water, but he’d still love to visit a winery with you. Many wineries welcome dogs on their grassy grounds and offer pup-perfect spots for picnicking. Find dog-friendly wineries in Napa with The Napa Vineyards handy list,  or in Sonoma, or search online for them in your area. Many wineries even have dog-friendly events for pups and their people.

    Catch The Game! 


    Don’t miss your team’s Dog Day Baseball games! Get out to the ballpark, cheer on your team with your furry best friend by your side, and even enjoy a hot dog together. See for the full 2023 MLB schedule of Dog Day games or check with your minor league or local teams.

    Take A Beach Hike 


    You could take a hike in the woods, but you can also hike with your dog along the beach and let him frolic in the surf and sand. Bring a ball or frisbee to toss around with your pup and pack a picnic.

    Paddleboard With Your Bud


    Stand-up paddleboarding aka (SUP) is getting more popular each year and bringing your dog along for the ride offers a new way to enjoy the water together. You can do it in oceans, lakes, or rivers, and it’s for dogs of all ages and sizes that love the water and even those that don’t. Don’t forget their doggie life jacket!

    Fresh Baked Goodies


    Pick a recipe and pamper your pup with a homemade surprise. Doesn’t your dog deserve some of your home cooking? Most recipes are quick and simple, and if you’re not the greatest baker, it’s a pretty good bet your dog is forgiving!

    Picture Time!


    A mini-photoshoot never hurt anyone, certainly not if it includes you and your dog in a picturesque field of flowers, no less! A quick Google search should lead you to a nearby farm or garden in bloom, whether it’s lavender, daisies, and sunflowers, which each bloom in parts of the summer season. (If there’s not one near you, you can always plan a road trip!)

    Grab a tripod stand or selfie stick for your phone, head out with some water and treats, and consider a new outfitbandana, harness, or leash for them.

    Waterpark Or Local Pool Dog-friendly Swim Days 


    Often, at the end of the summer season, waterparks and public pools open their doors to pet parents who want to bring their dogs for a fun outing. It offers a chance for pups who love to swim or just splash around the water’s edge—to do so surrounded by other four-legged friends. What could be cuter than a summer pool day with dozens of dogs?

    But before you get too excited, remember: Just because you want your dog to enjoy an activity, doesn’t mean they necessarily will. If you’re not sure whether your dog likes the water, try playing with them in a smaller, more controlled setting, like a kiddie pool in your backyard. Only plan a waterpark adventure if they’ve shown you they love to swim and splash. While at the waterpark, pay close attention to your dog’s body language and pull them from the park or pool if they seem agitated or stressed.



    Play Bobbing For Toys 


    make for a fun backyard game in the summer! Just take an empty kiddie pool and toss a few training treats in the middle to get your pup used to being in it. Add water and some toys and see your pup enjoy the cooldown.


    No matter which of these activities you decide to try, remember that dogs can easily overheat in the summer. Stick to cooler days or early morning/evening when the sun isn’t as strong. And provide plenty of opportunities for a drink and a rest.

    Xx Miminko 

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