NEW IN: Perfectly Matching Harness Sets

NEW IN: Perfectly Matching Harness Sets

Calling all fashion paw-istas! Does your pup love looking pawsome wherever they go? Then get ready to prance around the park with our NEW collection of harness sets!


We know finding the purrfect harness can be ruff sometimes, but fear not! Miminko is here to make your pup's harness dreams come true. Our new collection features a variety of styles to suit every pup's personality.



It-Girl Harness Dress

Is your fur baby a born trendsetter? Then the It-Girl Harness Dress is the ultimate outfit for them! This adorable dress comes in two pawsome colors, green and blue, and features a built-in harness for easy walks and ultimate cuteness.



Denim With It Harness Set

For the pups who are always ready for an adventure, the Denim With It Harness Set is the perfect choice. This stylish set includes a denim harness and leash, perfect for exploring the great outdoors (or the backyard, whichever your pup prefers!).




Country Chic Frill Harness Set

For the pups who love a touch of whimsy, the Country Chic Frill Harness Set is a dream come true. This adorable set comes in three pawsome colors, blue, green, and coral, and features a cute little frill that will make your pup the star of the show.


So what are you waiting for? Shop our new harness collection today and help your pup unleash their inner fashionista!


P.S. Don't forget to tag us in your pup's adorable harness pics on Instagram using #MiminkoPet or @Miminko_us. We can't wait to see your cuties rocking' their new threads!

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