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Horoscope Reading For Your Dog & what to buy based on it!

Horoscope Reading For Your Dog & what to buy based on it!

Some dogs just have it all! 

Good looks, charm, and those adorable puppy eyes to break a thousand hearts. Intimidating, we know. So, what do you get a dog like this? We’ve consulted with the cosmos & have the answers according to their zodiac sign. Find the perfect gift for that pup who has everything, so you’ll have ‘favorite human’ in the bag. 


Virgo doggos are the mom of the friend group. Logical, supportive, and systematic. Miminkos ‘The Signiture’ Turtleneck or the ‘Ruffle Trimmed T-Shirt’ mirrors Virgos practical sensibilities with a simple design & added bits of flare, essentials you need for your dog in just one click.


Who runs the celestial kingdom? Leo’s do. These star signs are ruled by the most important star in our galaxy. And Miminko is ruled by the Walk Kit. Kit up your Leo pup with our favorite on-the-go essential, the Walk Kit a Harness + Leash combo that's OOOH SOOOO ADORABLE


“There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home” - Says every Cancer ever. (Also, Dorothy). Well our ‘Color Block Knit Crew Neck’ sweaters bring the comforts of home wherever you both are!. Super soft knit meets beautiful bright tones making this sweater a Miminko PET FAVE!


Gemini dogs are social butterflies. Find these twins sniffing their way through the park moving between the wrestlers and the run circlers. Find the perfect tank or shirt in just the print that screams your pups personality. Breathable fabrics that are ideal for your social Gemini pooch. 


Here's a few of our top sellers!

flower power tank top 

tutu princess top 

honeycrisp apple t-shirt 

forget me not shirt    


Taurean dogs, not unlike us, love some old fashioned R&R from time to time. Pamper 

your pup with a doggy bath & be sure to suit them up in their new FAVE Pjs ever!!. The Pajama Blouse aka that moomoo dress for your pooch!


With an Aries pup you’ll never have to wonder who’s going to sniff the first butt at the park. The Argyle Knit Sweater in Red is the bold walk-wear these ambitious dogs need to show off their huge personalities.


Did that Husky from down the block beat you to the ball? Is the UPS guy STILL bringing packages to your door? It can be easy for Pisces pups to be swallowed up by these gross atrocities. Lift their delicate spirits with the Paris Escape Turtleneck, guaranteed to give them that parisian getaway.


Following rules isn’t the Aquarian way. These free spirited pups need to be kept on their toes. The “Sherlock Holmes' ' Trench coat embodies these sensibilities; Smart, nonconformist, fun. This Trench’s plaid accent gives a chic twist to these wild ones look & hold their (fleeting) attention span.


Capricorn canines are leaders of the pack. Let your sea-goat (dog) blaze the trail on your next adventure and fulfill their cosmic destiny with the Miminko Raincoat. Just like their go-anywhere, do anything-personality, this water-proof, durable coat sporting a hood can keep up!.



Sagittarius pups are filled with wanderlust. Though Sag dogs easily make friends at the local park, these adventurous pups have their sights set on greater heights. The ‘Sporty Hoodie’ or ‘Cloud 9 Sweater’ will help you take them there.


Control is key for Scorpio dogs. These passionate and sneaky water signs will get what they want and are willing to play the long-game to get it. That turkey you spent all day roasting just right? Counter-surfed right into the history books. The’Salor Lace Top’ is the perfect fit for them, polished with a bit of chicness.


Libra dogs are the embodiment of getting up to sharpen your pencil in front of the class when you’ve got a sick new ‘fit. Luxury is a habit for Libra’s. The ‘Anne flower frill’ dress embodies Libra’s taste for the exquisite. The soft flower pattern over the check gives a soft lux feeling to the whole look. and lace trimmings make even potty time lux.




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