Easter With Your Pup!

Easter With Your Pup!

With Easter practically here it's time for celebrations and cookouts but whatever you choose to do dont leave out your pooch. Easter-themed activities are easier to come up with than you think,
and we are here to help you of course! From a pup-friendly easter basket to a food feast they'll adore. No matter the cost or time you put in!

Dog Treats:

With everyone getting easter treats left & right it's only fair your dog gets in on the action too. Thankfully loads of pet stores are stocked full of treats for your furry friend so they won't be left out. You can even get peep-like marshmallow treats! Like the roasted vanilla mutt mallows

For those who'd rather DIY their pup's treats try out a simple carrot cake biscuit recipe like this one from Belly Full made in 30 minutes with minimal ingredients. Besides that, if you want you can make a ton of different flavored treats with just a few ingredients though we'd recommend using seasonal ones like:

  1. Egg Whites 
  2. Cherries
  3. Strawberries 
  4. And obvi...Carrots!

Adding a fun bunny cookie cutter can make them more easter-ified.

Another easter dog-themed treat that's super easy to whip up requires a few items from the kitchen: Carob Chips, Smooth Peanut Butter, and an easter-themed Silicone Mold to shape treats. All that's needed is an evenly mixed concoction of Carob Chips and Peanut Butter which can be microwaved, and once mixed pour into the silicon molds & pop those into the fridge to cool! 


Easter fun is taken to the next level! Simply hide a few tasty items around the house or yard. Watch them hunt them out as happy as could be! Just make sure to not overfeed them.


With toys and treats in your hands plus a bonus cute little spring ready bandana You're ready to assemble an amazing easter basket just for them! No need to worry about the fancy grassy and bright colors just focus on making it something easy for them to dismantle.


  1. Miminko Signature Pink Bouncy Balls - TOSS em, BOUNCE em, or SQUEAK em There's tons of fun to be had.
  2. Lucy The Baker Bear - This incredibly cute teddy bear is sure to provide your pooch with the perfect playtime, not too tough but just right. 
  3. The Mr. Mighty Green Plushy - his Huge plush is filled with all the things your pup LOVES a head full of squeakers

A shallow basket will be easier for smaller dogs to get in and grab out their items if that's what you're wanting, though if you are looking to have them take cute photos by it or inside it we’d recommend a basket with a long handle and a bit of a deeper basket, cue the amazingly cute photos!.

Now when it comes to assembling the easter basket, making it amazing means stuffing it! Make sure that basket is filled! From toys to treats and even new poop bags make for great for filling up the space. Adding some pieces of kibble or favorite treats can be a great way for them to sniff around in the basics giving you some much-needed photo time so snap up those pictures quickly! 

No matter what you are planning to do they will simply enjoy it because they are spending time with you!



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