Do Dogs Need To Wear Sweaters During Winter?

Do Dogs Need To Wear Sweaters During Winter?

Your dog needs a sweater during the winter for a variety of reasons. Here we will share some of these reasons as to why your dog needs to have winter dog sweaters. 

A proper fitting sweater for your pet is important because, just like you, your pet can get too cold during the winter. A sweater will help prevent your dog from getting sick. The sweater will also prevent your pet from hurting during the winter.

Short-haired dogs like the Beagle, Boston Terrier & Chihuahua are the most affected by the cold. This is because these dogs are small & tend to be low in body fat, with hair that is fine and thin on the body.

Different Sweaters For Different Dogs Of Different Breeds

Anyone who has this type of breed will have to have a sweater for his or her pet. Some of the other dog breeds affected by the cold weather are Pugs, Bulldogs, Pinschers, and any other short-haired dog breeds.

Some dogs need to wear sweaters during the winter for other reasons. If the dog is older, then the dog is much more likely to be affected by the cold and is more susceptible to illness. Older dogs can also suffer from arthritis and need a sweater to keep the bones and joints warm.

Sweaters help to keep your dog warm, yes; however, the dog must be in a warm place during the winter. Your dog may also need a beautiful soft bed to stay off the cold floor. The pet will also need to be in a warm room as well as wear the sweater to make sure the pooch is warm.

Moreover, do not assume that just because a dog has a long coat, he or  she will be just fine outside in the cold. A dog or any pet can easily lose body heat and freeze very quickly if left out in the cold. Even worse, they could biome seriously ill and catch pneumonia.

In addition, just because a dog has long-hair and stays inside, this does not mean that the dog is always warm either. A dog can still need a sweater if the dog is older or the dog’s hair is beginning to thin from being older. If the dog is prone to illness, then a sweater is also a good idea to implement for the pet.

Are Dog Sweaters The Solution?

Many older dogs have weakened circulation and face difficulty in maintaining proper body temperature (much like older people). A sweater can be a great help to keep them comfortable. Wearing a dog sweater will aid in trapping their body heat and lessen some possible joint/bone discomfort. 

What’s more, you know that convalescent and postoperative dogs need blankets covering them. But more often, they tend to kick the blankets off while they are resting. Without the blanket’s warmth, the healing process will be slower than it is supposed to be. 

An excellent solution for this is a sweater! It is like a blanket wrapped around them that stays in place. Also it provides constant warmth and comfort they deserve. Of course, once they are back in good shape, wearing a sweater may not be necessary anymore.

Dog sweaters are also highly suggested if you are situated in an area where the temperature reaches into the negatives. It is vital for dogs to spend a lot of time outdoors or take long walks. Sweaters are also beneficial to breeds that are accustomed to low temperatures. You may consider having sweaters of different thickness that will be used depending on the temperature outside.

An ideal dog sweater would cover the chest and the back, ending at the tail (such as ours do). The dog may be reluctant to wear it at first but will feel comfortable with it through time, especially when the dog realizes the warmth it brings.

Finally, dog sweaters can be made in a variety of fabrics, the most common ones being wool, cotton & fleece. You can go on over to our Sweater section to grab the perfect one for your pet, so they can enjoy the cozy comforts of one just like you.

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