7 Essential Holiday Grooming Tips for Your Dog

7 Essential Holiday Grooming Tips for Your Dog

The winter holidays are fast approaching; now’s the time to make sure your dog is ready for whatever observances you have planned. Many families like to include their furry friend in their holiday greeting picture and most families include their dog in the holiday festivities, so it’s important to make sure your furry family member looks his/her best!
No matter what activities you have planned, holiday grooming is essential for your dog. No one likes a smelly dog with too-long nails running around the house, especially when you’ve put so much effort into cleaning and decorating. Here are 7 holiday grooming tips to help you get your dog ready for the upcoming holiday festivities.

  • Brush (or comb) your dog every day.
    • Regular brushing is essential for removing loose fur, dirt and debris. And, if your dog has long fur, daily brushing will keep their fur untangled. Daily brushing also reduces shedding and pet dander, which in turn cuts the amount of loose hair your dog swallows during self-grooming.
    1. Use the right shampoo for your dog.                                                             - It’s best to use a shampoo that’s designed for dogs because it will be gentle and non-drying to your dog’s coat. Don’t use baby shampoo or other shampoo designed for human use.
    1. Use grooming as a time to assess your dog’s health.
    • Grooming is a natural time to bond with your dog. While you’re at it, take the time to assess your dog’s overall health. Here are some things to look for while grooming:
    • Is the coat shiny or dull?
    • Are your dog’s eyes alert or runny or cloudy?
    • Are your pet’s paws smooth and healthy-looking or cracked?
    • Can you see any parasites embedded in the coat?


  • Take the time to brush your dog’s teeth.
    • It’s easy to put off grooming techniques like brushing your dog’s teeth because most dogs don’t like it. However, since two-thirds of dogs over the age of 3 have periodontal disease your dog’s teeth should be brushed regularly. Periodontal disease can cause loss of appetite, gum soreness, eventual tooth loss, infection and even death. If you are unable to brush your dog’s teeth regularly, it’s a good idea to have a groomer take care of this for your dog.


    1. Keep your dog’s nails trimmed.
    • Most people don’t realize toenails that are too long cause your dog pain when he/she walks on hard surfaces. Long nails can cause health problems for your dog, such as tearing and infection. Vets recommend a gradual adjustment to nail trimming if your dog has fear.


    1. Don’t use human hair dye on your dog.
    • Be aware that human hair dye can irritate your dog’s skin and can make him/her sick if ingested. It’s best to steer clear of hair dye on your dog.



    1. Remove pet odors in your home.
    • You may not notice the dog smell in your home, but you can bet your guests probably will. One way to remove the smell without masking holiday scents is to use an odor neutralizer. One option to consider is Wahl’s Natural Odor Neutralizer that is safe to spray on pets, furniture or wherever odors linger. Link: Wahl-Odor-Neutralizer 

    Now go and get your pet ready for the holiday season ahead! We hope these tips & tricks help you feel more confident as a pet owner & have your pet feeling & looking their best all year long.

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