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10 Of The Most Popular Dog Breeds In The US?

10 Of The Most Popular Dog Breeds In The US?

Find out which pups are all the rage these days with this look at the current 15 most popular dog breeds. The statistics for registrations of purebred puppies with the American Kennel Club for last year were released. This gives us a good indication of what the most popular breeds will be this year.




1). The French Bulldog 

The French Bulldog has been steadily building its popularity for the past decade, rising from the 14th rank in 2012 to breaking the top five in 2017 and finally taking the number one spot in 2022. And considering its needs, the surge in ownership makes sense.
French Bulldogs are intelligent, playful, and relatively low-maintenance dogs. As a favorite pet to celebrities, the affectionate breed gets along with everyone. Alongside its slight frame, the Frenchie’s little to no barking nature makes it perfect for smaller homes and apartments.

2). The Labrador Retriever


The Labrador Retriever’s fall from the top of the popularity rankings wasn’t too far, as its adoring, friendly nature maintains its reputation as the quintessential family dog. Labs are easy to train & hyper-focused on satisfying their owners! They’re a top choice for both first-time & experienced dog owners as well as numerous individuals needing a capable service animal.



3). The Golden Retriever 


Not much separates Labrador and Golden Retrievers beyond the Gulden's longer, feathery coat. The hunted game both labs & goldens were a bit different for the two sporting breeds, allowing for distinct physical differences. But the identical sweet temperament, trainability, and overflowing friendliness make them equally popular for families.



4). The German Shepherd's


The German Shepherd is a well-rounded working dog that is athletic, powerful, and highly intelligent. Though its name comes from its sheep-tending prowess, the breed quickly became renowned for police & military work in the early 1900s. Today, German Shepherds are still some of the most versatile dogs for guarding, service work, military roles, and search and rescue duties. As companion animals, their exceptional trainability, loyalty, and confidence have made them a perennial favorite.




5). The Poodle 


To nobody’s surprise, the backbone of the Doodle designer dog craze is one of the most popular purebred dogs. The curly, hypoallergenic coat’s grooming possibilities position the Poodle as the fanciest of breeds, but there’s more to them than fashionable show looks! Poodles are among the most intelligent of all dogs. They are highly agile and strong and even have a blue-collar pedigree as former water dogs.




6). The Bulldog 


As a stocky, squash-faced lovable lump of a dog, the Bulldog’s goofiness & liking for kids have made it an irresistible family pet. Thankfully, their loyalty, trainability, and courage are all that’s left from their bull-baiting days. Although they’re more prone to health issues than many breeds, their mid-energy levels & playfulness make them easy to get along with.




7). The Rottweiler


The Rottweiler made a positive jump in 2022, moving from the eighth most popular dog breed in 2021 to the seventh spot this past year. These intimidating yet calm guard dogs garner interest for their immense loyalty, courage, confidence, & trainability. Fun-Fact Rottweilers filled roles as working dogs since the Roman Empire.




8). The Beagle


Curious & happy-go-lucky Beagles are a great addition to a family with kids and other pets. Being prone to following their noses, these small-sized scent hounds still present numerous challenges! They can be a chore due to their distractibility, energy, shrewdness, and incessant barking. But if you can iron out their habits, you’ll understand why Beagles have been a top-10 breed for over half a century.




9). The Dachshund

The Dachshund is a small bit of cuteness! When you understand Dachshund’s badger-hunting history, their bold personalities begin to make a lot of sense! They’re small in stature yet enormous in bravery and liveliness. These characteristics that made them such incredible hunting dogs have translated into some of the most enjoyable companion animal traits.
Dachshunds are playful and adaptable. Though they can be big barkers, however, they’re also highly receptive and quick to learn from quality training. Dachshunds have long been among the most popular small breeds.

10). The German Shorthaired Pointer


German Shorthaired Pointers are highly favorable as gundogs and companion animals. They’re adaptable mid-sized dogs with people-pleasing, family-friendly temperaments, & an intelligent mindset.


If you can satisfy their need for exercise and manage their prey drive with proper training, German Shorthaired Pointers can focus that determination on boundless affection for the family!

Did your pup make this year’s top 10 most popular dog breeds? If not, no worries! One of the joys of dog ownership is that there are no wrong choices for a devoted owner. Every breed is unique. While this list may include some of the most recognizable pups, all dogs can benefit the family when we offer the love & care our furry companions deserve.





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